Proof Prescription Glasses

Well we did it.

Did what you ask?

Well, we made some prescription wood glasses.

Pretty cool huh?

Wooden eyewear is a huge part of our DNA and we had a lot of requests for prescription specific models so we came up with the Boise wooden prescription model.

Proof loves New York

In memory of the tragedy of September 11th...
Proof represents in New York. 



We love you New York.

- Proof Crew

Kickstarter was a success!!!! Thanks

So, we decided to do something a little different this go around when releasing our new model the Ontario.

We set up a kickstarter to get the word out and generate some hype.
We couldn't believe the amount of support we got from all over the world.
It was a really great feeling to get so much love and so many questions regarding the glasses and the brand.
We are really excited to announce that our project got funded not only the minimum that we needed but then some. We got funded 134%.

Is that nuts or what?
Here's the link to our page. You can find out about the project, why we named them the Ontario etc.

If you want some Ontarios stay tuned after the kickstarter orders are taken care of they'll be available to shops and online.

Thanks for your support and interest.

summer love

While Tanner and Taylor are slaving away at the trade show (go here)...Brooks was doing this.
Someone has to...summer is almost over. But unfortunately this blog is left being neglected...more to come from the Proof Crew real soon! Stay tuned.